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By powering inspiring campaigns like Red Nose Day and Hand in Hand: a Benefit for Hurricane Relief, Comic Relief US raises money and awareness to address the needs of the most vulnerable communities here in America, and around the world.

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Your donations are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Thank You

Together, through Hand in Hand: a benefit for Hurricane Relief, we raised over $62 million to help those affected by the 2017 Atlantic hurricanes.

Harvey, Irma, & Maria were some of the strongest storms in recorded in history. Hurricane Harvey was the strongest storm to hit the United States in 10 years, dumping more than 20 trillion gallons of rainfall. Hurricane Irma led to the evacuation of 6.5 million people, destroying 25% of homes in the Florida Keys. Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico with 155 mile-per-hour wind gusts, destroyed about 90,000 homes, and shut down the electrical grid.

Out of the devastation from the historic, unprecedented series of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria came something remarkable on September 12th, 2017 when the Hand in Hand Benefit for Hurricane Relief brought together the nation’s biggest stars and the public for a night of hope and strength.

Together, we raised $62 million dollars to support organizations directly serving communities suffering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Now, one year on, we are proud to report that those donations so generously made to Hand in Hand has made a significant difference.

Hand in Hand September 2019 Update:

HIH 2019 Update

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How You’re Helping

How You're Helping

Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Impact: Delivered by Trusted Partners

From Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico and in between, the Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Fund supported relief, recovery, and rebuilding programs with trusted partners working on the ground. We hope that these stories from our partners will convey how important Hand in Hand funding was in 2017 and will continue to be for a more resilient future.

CW Food and Community

Where has the money been delivered?

Our list of partners on the ground are working in all areas hit hardest by the recent hurricanes. The map below highlights those places.

What services are my donations providing?

We've focused our efforts on what really matters. Click each area below to learn more about how your donations are helping.

Foot and Water

In the wake of a disaster, even the most basic of needs are hard to meet. Your Hand in Hand donations are helping provide access to food and water, including mobile food pantries, donation partnerships with food and grocery manufacturers, ensuring those in need have access to both fresh and shelf-stable foods.


Your donations to Hand in Hand are helping provide short and long term housing solutions for those who have experienced substantial losses during the hurricanes. This includes setting up emergency shelters and temporary housing; clean-up, repair and rebuilding for those in need; and counseling and case management to access long-term services.


When a disaster strikes, access to vital medical services is limited. Your dollars are hard at work providing medical support to those affected, including trauma care and medical assistance; mental health counseling sessions; emergency medicine, vaccines, and hygiene items, including response to water-borne illnesses; and infrastructure repair for local health clinics.

Education Service

Missing school following a disaster could lead to drastic effects on long-term achievement. Your dollars are helping re-open schools and provide services to children and teens. This includes funding rebuilding and repair efforts for schools and daycare centers, creating child-friendly spaces in shelters, and offering in-school counseling and support.

Community Service

Your dollars are helping rebuild communities in impacted areas by offering support, services, and help answering questions. This includes support and guidance during the insurance claim process, care and shelter for animals, supporting small businesses and working with individuals on job search and placement.

Proceeds are benefiting:

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