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$62 million

Together, through Hand in Hand: a benefit for Hurricane Relief, we raised over $62 million to help those affected by the recent hurricanes.

Donations raised through the telethon have been distributed to charity partners. The charity partners have been working on the ground to support relief and recovery efforts.

An update on Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico

10/17/2017 Update: Through the Hand in Hand Fund, we have allocated $7M specifically to aid relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

As the situation in Puerto Rico is nothing short of a humanitarian disaster, the Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Fund has allocated $7M from the Fund specifically to aid relief efforts in Puerto Rico. These funds will provide continued support for organizations currently on the ground working to assist communities in need, including Direct Relief, Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, United Way Worldwide and Feeding America.

Here's how those organizations are assisting the recovery effort in Puerto Rico:

Direct Relief is providing emergency medicines and resources so that people impacted by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma can receive the medical care they need. Direct Relief is focusing its efforts on supporting local health facilities that serve people who rely on the healthcare safety net for essential services.

Feeding America is supporting Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico and helping as many Puerto Ricans as possible. They are shipping disaster boxes, food, and water to people in Puerto Rico impacted by the hurricanes.

Habitat for Humanity is assembling and will distribute 2,000 shelter repair kits containing supplies and tools to help families make preliminary home repairs to improve their shelter conditions. Habitat’s long-term post-disaster recovery efforts include repair of homes damaged by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma and construction of new affordable homes.

Save the Children is on the ground providing emergency supplies to children and their families affected by the hurricanes. Their emergency response team is working with partners to help improve access to communications across the island. They are setting up much needed supervised space for children in emergency shelters, and providing emergency small grants to partners to support their efforts to restart services for children.

United Way is committed to long-term positive changes in communities; its primary focus following a disaster is mid-long term recovery – those needs that are often not addressed until weeks or months following a disaster including health, education, and financial stability.

Where has the money been delivered?

Our list of partners on the ground are working in all areas hit hardest by the recent hurricanes. The map below highlights those places.

What services are my donations providing?

We've focused our efforts on what really matters. Click each area below to learn more about how your donations are helping.

Foot and Water

In the wake of a disaster, even the most basic of needs are hard to meet. Your Hand in Hand donations are helping provide access to food and water, including mobile food pantries, donation partnerships with food and grocery manufacturers, ensuring those in need have access to both fresh and shelf-stable foods.


Your donations to Hand in Hand are helping provide short and long term housing solutions for those who have experienced substantial losses during the hurricanes. This includes setting up emergency shelters and temporary housing; clean-up, repair and rebuilding for those in need; and counseling and case management to access long-term services.


When a disaster strikes, access to vital medical services is limited. Your dollars are hard at work providing medical support to those affected, including trauma care and medical assistance; mental health counseling sessions; emergency medicine, vaccines, and hygiene items, including response to water-borne illnesses; and infrastructure repair for local health clinics.

Education Service

Missing school following a disaster could lead to drastic effects on long-term achievement. Your dollars are helping re-open schools and provide services to children and teens. This includes funding rebuilding and repair efforts for schools and daycare centers, creating child-friendly spaces in shelters, and offering in-school counseling and support.

Community Service

Your dollars are helping rebuild communities in impacted areas by offering support, services, and help answering questions. This includes support and guidance during the insurance claim process, care and shelter for animals, supporting small businesses and working with individuals on job search and placement.

Proceeds are benefiting:

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And the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief (administered by The Greater Houston Community Foundation) through the Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Fund managed by Comic Relief USA.

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