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Education & Childcare

Education & Childcare

Your donations are helping foster safe spaces for children and youth by reopening schools and providing behavioral health services.

Where disaster strikes, children, especially children living in poverty are often the most vulnerable. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria forced children into incredibly stressful scenarios – evacuations from home, time in unfamiliar and uncomfortable strange and scary emergency shelters, and the loss of homes, possessions and routines. This was evident in the enormous scale of children negatively impacted by the hurricanes, which is why the Hand in Hand Hurricane Relief Fund made grants to organizations like Save the Children and Children’s Health Fund that specialize in meeting the needs of and empowering the neediest.


Hand in Hand Partner Highlight: Save the Children

Save the Children is the national leader for U.S. children in emergencies, providing comprehensive relief and recovery programs specifically designed to meet the needs of disadvantaged children and their families. Following the hurricanes, Save the Children dispatched teams on the ground in affected areas.

Journey of Hope program

Disasters can undermine children’s long-term emotional and mental health and psychosocial well-being. If not addressed, it can have a detrimental effect on their behavior and school performance, and affect generations of a family. Thankfully, donor-driven responses like those from Hand in Hand, allowed Save the Children to create safe spaces for children in shelters, meet the immediate needs of childcare centers in order to reopen, and partner with local agencies to build resilience and provide psychosocial support through the Journey of Hope program.

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